Fighting Obama’s Attacks On Texas

President Obama and his administration threaten our values, our liberties, and our way of life in West Texas and the Big Country – in every way imaginable: health care, gun rights, traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, jobs, and the economy.

• Stop Obamacare

Congressman Neugebauer’s first priority is to stop Obamacare. Obamacare is a disaster. People are losing their coverage and their doctors; and families are paying more for health care, not less. Obamacare is also a job-killer. Obamacare has stopped small and large businesses from hiring, and many are laying employees off or moving them to part-time. Congressman Neugebauer will continue the fight to stop the implementation of Obamacare and repeal it in Congress.

• Defend Our Second Amendment Rights

President Obama has a total disregard for our Constitutional right to bear arms. He uses every opportunity to restrict, or eliminate, the rights of Texas gun owners. As a gun-owner, a hunter, and a proud life-time member of the NRA, Congressman Neugebauer is a Constitutional conservative who has earned an “A” Rating from the NRA. He will never stop fighting to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights.

• Stand Up for Our Values

There is no stronger advocate in Congress for family values than Congressman Neugebauer. As a member of the Values Action Team and the Prayer Caucus, he makes his focus on families a daily priority. With a 100% lifetime rating from the National Right to Life, he is a firm believer in protecting the unborn. He believes that every life begins at conception and deserves the right to be born. He also believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Congressman Neugebauer has received 100% ratings from the Christian Coalition, American Conservative Union, and Concerned Women for America. His voting record proves that he is truly pro-life and pro-family.

Cut Spending, Eliminate Debt, Balance the Federal Budget

• President Obama’s Federal Government Grows – Becomes More Intrusive in Our Lives Each Day

When President Obama’s recession hit us hard, families here in West Texas and the Big Country adjusted; we tightened our belts and had to spend less. However, President Obama and the federal government have not adjusted to the new reality. They keep taxing, borrowing, and spending money we do not have, and as President Obama’s government has grown it has become more intrusive. Obamacare is only one of many examples.

Congressman Neugebauer voted against raising the debt ceiling and will do so again. He has also authored legislation to implement a Constitutional Amendment requiring a two-thirds vote to raise the debt limit, and he supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. The federal government should not spend more than it takes in. Congressman Neugebauer supports capping federal spending, reducing the debt, and cutting taxes for hard-working families.

A Strong Advocate For Farmers and Ranchers

As a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee, Congressman Neugebauer is intricately involved in shaping the path and policies of the future of American agriculture. He is the author of the CROP Act, which would provide an additional safety net for farmers through the crop insurance program.

He believes the farmers and ranchers of West Texas and the Big Country play an integral role not only in the local economy, but in clothing and feeding the world. He wants to provide a healthy business environment in which they can profitably continue to operate their family farms and ranches.